Lot number


Finished a fair isle sweater. Used cream color for main color. Added a 2nd ball of yarn. Everything matched. Washed the sweater and now second color doesn’t match

. Is there anything I can do.


Oh, good grief, that’s terrible. It’s such a beautiful knit.
Do you still have the ball bands from the yarn showing the same dye lot? What is the brand and name of the yarn?
Can you also pleases give us the name of the pattern and whether it was knit top down or bottom up?


Don’t have the bands. I think it might have been red heart. The pattern is from a magazine that I’ve had since the 70’s I knit it from the bottom up. Should I take it to the cleaners?


Well, you could at least consult with the cleaners.
If there is nothing else to do, you can cut somewhere on the yoke a row or so down from the stranded knitting and re-knit down to the bottom edge. That would at least save your yoke.
Here’s one way to do that.

It’s a shame that this happened and I would certainly let Red Heart know about it. Send them the photo too.


Funny thing is I used that same yarn for the pattern and it doesn’t look like it’s discolored. Thanks for your help.


I mentioned this at my knitting group and everyone felt terrible just hearing about it. Their one suggestion was to dye the sweater? You would unfortunately lose the lovely colors of the stranded work too.


Thanks for your concern and help. I contacted red heart. They were very sorry and are sending me some yarn.

But no answers to my problem. Still looking for a way to resolve this. Thanks again