Lost scarf

Ok, so I left my first finished project ever at a huge swim meet…not in lost and found, so some evil person in downtown Akron is no doubt happily wearing my beautiful scarfy.

The question is…do I make myself another in the exact same yarn? Or chalk it up to a learning experience and make myself a completely different one? What do you all think?

Make the same. I am thinking of the two scarves that I want to make and both of them are going to have sentimental meaning attached to them. I wouldn’t even change the colour.

On a side note, wear it to your swim meets often, so that the thief can’t wear hers. Plus she’d see you wearing it and would hopefully feel guilty.

I guess it just depends on how in love you were with feel of the yarn. If you didn’t really love it, it seems silly to re-knit with it.

Yes I agree. You can make a big sign to wear with it, too: “I MADE THIS” and maybe the other person will feel guilty enough to at least pay you for the scarf!

You all are so funny!

Actually, it was just homespun and patons allure, but I did like how it felt and how it looked…so I think I will make the same one :slight_smile:

YAY Kitkat!!! I want to see a pic when you’re done. Thankies. :smiley: