Lost scarf pattern halfway through project


I made this scarf for so many people as gifts from lace weight to chunky. I started another in the summer holiday and by the time I picked it up at half term I’d lost the pattern. I spent two years looking for a copy online but have never found it. Can anyone help me workout what it is? This is it in chunky so the stitches are clearer.

It is a four row repeat
Row 1 pattern??? See below
Row 2 - 4 just knit or purl to keep the pattern.

The pattern included something along the lines of k2, then the repeat to create the pattern starting with [p2, slip1 k1, psso, k2tog, then there was something about yarn over one way then the other to create the hole and keep the stitch count in the repeat…
Any help would be very much appreciated.


Was this a pattern for the complete scarf, or just a stitch pattern?


The whole scarf - last night I braved it and unknitted / worked back to the last pattern row (which I was dreading as it is Kidsilk haze and doesn’t unknit willingly!) and think it might be:

P2, yarn over (to make stitch), skpo, k2tog, yarn forwards(to make stitch), p2… does this make sense?!


"P2, yarn over (to make stitch), skpo, k2tog, yarn forwards(to make stitch), p2… "
I don’t see the first yo in the row you posted in the photo (see red arrow). It looks to me like a knit right loop increase (KRL) (see red circle).
I tried the row as
P2, slip one, KRL, k1, psso, k2tog, yarn forwards(to make stitch), p2…
and that seems to work.
Here’s a video for KRL. The increase is just knitting into the back loop. Knitting the next stitch isn’t part of the increase.


:point_up_2:You’re an actual genius! Wow!


Thank you, that’s really useful and I’m going to save this for future use.
t wasn’t that in this case as I have never used that before. There was a definite yarn over then the opposite way which now I have knitted on, looks right.