Lost Pattern!

Posting this for a friend of mine. She started a sweater about 3 years ago that requires steeking. She is not yet finished with the portion required directly prior to steeking and the sleeves come after.

She lost the pattern. Can anyone help identify it?

She is not certain but feels that it may be from an Interweave Knits magazine (we looked through a number and didn’t see it) anywhere within the last 5-6 years (could be anytime, or any magazine for that matter). It is a heavy sweater and so she believes it would be in a Fall or (more likely) winter issue.

The colors of yarn she has used are different than the ones required in the pattern (those were unavailable), but the sweater she wants to finish is true to the patterned design.

That is all that I know about this sweater. Though I do have a couple of pictures for identification aid. Any help in finding this pattern (even if she has to purchase it again) would be very appreciated!

I will look at mine and see what I have.