Lost Pattern!


Okay, So, about a year ago, I got the idea to make a baby blanket for my Bro-on-the-way…! So I googled something like “easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners” Note, I do not remember what exactly what I googled I found a pattern I thought was fairly easy for the beginner, I didn’t pay to close attention. It was in march of last year when i started this… I’m still working on his blanket ( he is 7 1/2 months old now) and one day I decided to see how many stitches I had (I hadn’t bee counting) I’m supposed to have 252 stitches, I’ve got 388! And last night I was working on it, Somehow with each row i add 10 stitches… Now long story short, I lost the printed version of my pattern and I can’t find it on the internet to see what I’m doing wrong… Help!!

Uh oh! Sounds like you’ve gained more than just a new baby brother.

Could you take a clear, fairly close-up picture of your blanket and post it here? Maybe that will help us track down this pattern for you. Directions for how to post a photo are here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80610.

Alternatively, maybe you could give us the pattern you’re currently knitting (at least what you remember of it).

A good cleaer picture would help us see the stitches and identify it.

Gaining stitches happens - if it’s knit and purl sts on the same row, you may be taking the yarn over the needle instead of between the stitches some of the time to switch from yarn in front to yarn in back. It can also happen at the beginning of the row if you put the yarn to the back over the needle which pulls up the first stitch and each leg of it looks like a separate stitch. Hold the yarn out to the side a little and then you can see the first stitch more clearly. Of if there’s incs and decs in it, you may have done an extra inc or skipped a decrease on a few rows.

Well, I’ll see about posting a picture…

In the mean time, I do remember what the pattern is, but my knitting slang might be a little bit rusty…

I believe it was something like… “Cast on 193. K for 7 rows. Incs 59 sts on last row.
K6,* in next st k1,p1,k1. Move next stitch to other needle, k2tog, Slip st back over. Repeat from * till there’s 6 sts left. K6.
Then k all of next row.
K6,* Move next st to other needle, k2tog, slip st back over. In next st k1,p1,k1. Repeat from * till there’s 6 sts left. K6”

Then I think that once it got to the right size (5x4 feet I think.) I was supposed to decrease to 193, then k 7 rows… Does this help??

There are thousands of patterns so we really need a name or at least a picture.

It’s a 4 stitch repeat as you’ve written it out, repeated about 60 times across the row. I don’t think you’re doing anything consisently wrong, maybe just forgetting to pass the slipped stitch over on some of the repeats. Take a look at the last row of the repeat and see if you can name the stitches across the row. There should be the increase in the single stitch and then the double decrease. You may need to rip back to the best row that you have and start the pattern area again. Adding in a lifelinewill help in case this happens again and maybe stitch markers every 40sts just to make counting easier.

“in next st k1,p1,k1. Move next stitch to other needle, k2tog, Slip st back over.”

Or, “KPK in next stitch, sl 1, k2tog, psso” in standard pattern terms. That sounds like a stitch pattern which has multiple names - trinity, blackberry, bramble or berry stitch.Maybe you can search on those names to find the original pattern.