Lost pattern

i lost a pattern for a triangle shaw
1st row k1 yo 2tog across k1
2nd row knit
my problem is i forgot how to start
it increases from the point up to the top
any ideas


This one may be different, but you start with 4-5 cast on stitches and increase at each end, each row.

sylvia, generally you CO 3-5 sts and either inc at both ends every other row, or just at the beginning, but on every row.

Yes, like suzeeq says, I’ve seen many patterns starting generally with a CO 3 st, and increasing 1 st [U]just[/U] at the beginning of each row. If it helps, here’s one that I found with the increase as a YO:
Using 9 mm needles, CO 3 st.
R1: Knit
R2: K1, YO, knit to end.
Repeat R2 until piece measures 35" from cast on edge = 143 st. Bind off loosely.
Finishing: Cut yarn for fringe 16" long and add in spaces along side edges of shawl.:knitting:

thats it
thank you all