Lost pattern

Hi everyone I’m knitsay can anyone help me I knitted all these squares about 5 years ago to make an afgan I saw in a knitting magazine now I can’t find the pattern and have no idea how to put it together

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
I wonder if it might have been a pinwheel pattern, similar to the quilting pattern? Like this one:

Maybe the best thing to do is play around with the squares until you find a pattern you like. Even if it’s not the original, it’ll still be lovely.

I tried a search with “dishcloth afghan” and diagonal squares afghan", but I’m coming up empty. Do you remember a name at all? In the absence of a pattern you could just lay them out till they are in a pleasing color and pattern by yourself.

Hi Jan
Thank you for looking for me I saw it in a knitting magazine years ago
thats what i get for letting it sit around, my son had twin boys so I got
distracted in making baby blankets, hats and sweaters. I need to finish my
projects !!!

Because it’s half and half on each square you could do something similar to the crochet pattern @salmonmac posted. I mean a pinwheel design. Since the pattern can’t be found do you need help with the sewing? Or was it just the way the design was laid out?

I just needed the way the design was laid out as you can see there are lots of color combinations