Lost pattern from Blue Sky

I was looking for an Opera pattern for a scarf that used to be on Blue Sky. It’s no longer there(boo!) Does anyone have it?
I think it was for 23 stitches on 11 needles but I’d like to make a narrow scarf using two strands of Homespun with one of Yarn Bee Soft Delight on a larger size.I hope that will work with that pattern!
Thanks for any help!

The pattern is here: http://www.agoodyarn.biz/opera-scarf.pdf. The gauge indicated is 3 sts per inch in the lace pattern.
If you want to make it narrower, you could probably use any multiple of 3 sts plus 2 for the two outer knit stitches.

Thanks, Skater!
I’ll try the combo of 3+ 2 on 15 needles and see what happens.