Lost pattern for this scarf

I started this scarf and lost the pattern. I found it on the internet, but only had it on my phone. When I changed phones, I lost it. I have looked through hundreds of sites and pictures but cannot locate the pattern. It has 5 dropped stitches and then pick one up. I can’t remember much more. I love the look of the pattern. Any help is appreciated so I don’t have to give it up.

Pretty sure this it.

Thanks so much for your quick reply!! This is the first thing I have knitted in about 50 years. I look forward to finishing it. Thanks again.
I’m glad I found this site while looking for the pattern.

Serendipity! This is the best place for help, you see how quick it sometimes is. I wouldn’t be knitting if not for the wonderful folks here. I like the pattern, I must save it. Thanks for asking.

It’s like finding a long lost friend. Nice looking scarf.

Just wondering…
There was a discussion about this very scarf a while back.

The pattern as written didn’t seem to be what the knitter was doing in the video. She seemed to be twisting/wrappoing her stitches differently. How are you doing it? Are you doing it as written? Does it seem to be working out?

Deja vu? I was thinking the same thing. I remembered someone said she’s knitting funny or something like that but didn’t find it. Thanks for the link.