Lost pattern... ahh!

so I started a knit poncho over 5 years ago, stopped because I lost the pattern. I believe I got the pattern in Joann’s as one of those free patterns they have hanging in the yarn dept. I know it starts off by knitting a basic rectangle, and then I have caron pizazz yarn (that flat ribbon like yarn), it either called for that or a similar type, somehow the pizazz is weaved in afterwards in several stripes. Please help its taunting me, I really want to finish it! Thank you in advance.

Check Caron’s site for the pattern, I vaguely remember seeing a scarf or shawl that had yarn woven through it.

There are just too many patterns to know for sure. Try the Caron site and if you can post a picture maybe it’ll help. Check the link in my sig for info and appropriate sizes.

ALso check www.joann.com. They may link to the pattern there, too.

This is the info that came with the picture I just attached:

Iknitiative Knitting Pattern Stringalong Poncho Part No. P04

A great project for a beginner, this poncho starts out as an easy to knit rectangle. Stitches are dropped off and laddered down to the cast on edge to pave the way for the weaving detail that accentuates the asymmetrical lines. Choose a smooth yarn for the main color, and be as wild as you want to be in choosing your weaving yarn- the options are wide open!

Designer/Publisher: Natalie Wilson / Iknitiative
Finished Dimensions: 20" x 48" (20 long as worn)
Yarn Class: Medium
Suggested Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4"
Yardage: MC: 650 yards; CC: 12 - 36 yards Superbulky OR 36 - 72 yards Bulky OR 72 - 108 yards Medium
Suggested Needle Size: Size US #8 (5mm), or size needed to obtain gauge
Additional Materials: Split-ring markers; tapestry needle

So glad I found this, at least I know I can get it for $4, but figured I post here to see if anyone has it or can help in any way. Thanks so much!!!

Yeah, I found it at a few places, too.