Lost my row marker! please help!

I’m so glad I’ve found this site! I’m a new knitter & stayed up all night trying to make my son a beanie. Going great until I forget to put on the Row marker (circular needles). The brim is K1P1 & i can;t tell where I started. Will this make a difference (I can come pretty close to the place because of the extra thread). Getting ready to go to DP needles now. It’s stockinette stitch and really bulky yarn, and I don’t know to tell! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Look for the tail where you joined, there should be a k st to the left and a p on the right. Follow up these 2 sts to where you are and put the marker between them. And if you’re off a stitch when you go to the body of the hat after the ribbing, it won’t be noticeable.

Thanks. I’m having a difficult time finding it because the yarn’s dark, bulky and I knitted the end into 3 stitches (i think). If the knot sticj the raised stich (I think yes) and purl is recessed? I feel so stupid!

Yes, the purl is the one that wants to recede. I think of the knits as being little flat vees and the purl as being bumps.