Lost my project!

Just got back from a flight from Asia and realized that I left my knitting on a plane in Chicago! I’ve only been knitting for a while and this was my second ALMOST completed project. I had plans to felt this huge piece of wool to make a knitting needle case similar to the one on Paton’s website. Also in the same bag were some really cool stitch markers that I picked up in a bead shop in Hong Kong and a new circular needle. Bummer!

So, if anyone boards a United 747 in the near future will you please look under your seat and see if my project is there? Thanks!

ugh! that’s a total bummer. I’d call the airline and see if anyone found it.

I would definitely call the airline and/or airport! They clean the planes between flights so they may have put it in a lost and found. Keeping fingers crossed!

Oh no!! Definitely call the airline. I’m crossing all the crossables for you! :heart:

CALL, CALL!! I do so hope you find your goodies :smiley:

I called United at both airports (I had a connecting flight) as soon as I realized it was missing, but now it’s wait and see. And honestly, it’s not their fault; it wasn’t as if they lost a checked bag.

I just needed to tell someone that would really understand my pain. Knitters know that it was more than just string and some sticks! :crying:

Understanding completely! Poor you! Hoping it all shows up soon. samm :frowning:

I left a stroller on a flight and weeks later they called me. LOL It was my cheapy umbrella stroller, and I had forgotten all about it!

So. . . maybe, you never know. It could happen.

I’m sorry that it happened.

And I know everyone else is dying to ask, HOW did you forget it? :slight_smile: Im guessing you were in a hurry. <giggle>

When I flew a couple of weeks ago, I held onto my knitting bag like grim death. But then again, it had chocolate in it, too, so I’m not sure which I was more afraid of losing :wink:

good luck

Oh, how heartbreaking. I would be in tears. :crying:

I read in someone’s blog once that they lost a knitting bag with HALF a sweater in it. They had left the back section at home, and carried the front with them to work on it. Their bag was stolen, so they lost that part of the sweater. It was a yarn she had gotten as a gift, and she couldn’t find any more to match it. She ended up having to frog the back of the sweater and make something else with that yarn.

Can you believe someone STOLE a knitting bag?! I guess they thought it was a really large purse or something. :??

Oh what a terrible thing to happen! :shock:

There’s probably a pretty good chance it will turn up eventually. I can’t imagine anyone deciding to take it home with them. What use for it would a non-knitter have? And if a knitter saw it lost, I would hope they’d understand how much more a project means to the person working on it.

You’ve got a very good chance, I think.

Oh that’s too bad. Maybe you can get it returned.

Many years ago I left a beautiful nightgown behind a door in the bathroom of the hotel we stayed in while traveling across the USA. I did not miss it until the following night …I was so MAD at myself. :oops:

Drat and double drat. You deserve whine/wine. Fingers crossed you get a call.

Drat and double drat. You deserve whine/wine. Fingers crossed you get a call.