Lost my pattern.... Help please?

I started knitting a scarf in November. I am sure I found the pattern in here, posted by a kind person. I loved it. Now I can’t remember what it was called. I wrote the instructions down and I have lost them. I remember it had something to do with water. It was not the waterfall pattern. It had 15 rows and were repeated for the pattern. I remember someone said it reminded them of ocean waves and that is why they liked it so much. Since my mother passed in November, there is no telling where I put it. My brain has had a freeze, but my hands are saying knit it knit it. LOL… If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I have just bought some bamboo yarn and it is getting, restless. hehehe. Thanks for any ideas. Happy :knitting:

Is this the one?

that’s a cool scarf!



Hey all,
A great big THANK YOU, to Sue in Canada, Jen17, and Mirl56. :muah: These are some awsome scarfs. I will certainly make both of these. I have found my pattern. :woohoo: It was in my mother’s car. So now I am happily :knitting: on it once again.

 There are some wonderful people on here.  That is why I just :heart: all of you.  Thanks again for all your help.   And a big :grphug: to everyone.         

Happy :knitting: .