Lost marker place on circular needles?

I was knitting a hat on my circular needles and i had a marker on to see when i was starting on a new row. I accidentally took the marker off and never put it back on and started knitting. Now i have no idea where the start of a row is. How do I find it again?

If you started at the bottom, feel along the edge and see if you can find the tail at the start.

Otherwise, you can look at the number of rows in a couple of places.The easiest way is to turn the hat inside out and count purl rows. You’ll see a line where you have one more row than shows on the stitch before, if that makes any sense.

Honestly, though, unless you’re using very large yarn and few stitches or you have some intricate pattern going, you can mark a spot (use a safety pin if need be) and go from there, not worrying too much about it.