Lost Knitting Bag

Yes I have lost a knitting bag…in my house! I know it sound crazy! How could someone lose a whole knitting bag in their house?! Well my DH hides them! Not from me but from our two toddler boys. He is so afraid that they are going to get hurt from my needles. The last time I used this bag was when I was knitting with my DH’s Nana in December. While she was visiting us she gave me a bunch of her DPN! Well now I have to find this missing bag because my DH doesn’t remember where he put it! :gah:

Wow that stinks. I hope you find it.

I know how easy it is to misplace something. Believe it or not I lose stuff in my truck. You wouldn’t think you could lose something in a truck but you sure can.

Hey, don’t feel bad… at least you can blame your DH… I can only blame my cat. I have been looking for a small project bag that I put in a special place so that I wouldn’t loose them

I wish you well, realize that he probably stuck them in a high place toward the back. That is what my soninlaw does my daughter. Oh by the way… he’s 6’4", she’s 5’2".

She kept putting PAM on the list, they were putting up the groceries, and he asked her why they had 3 can’s of PAM, while putting them on the top shelf, toward the back. She about killed him. Needless to say… he doesn’t put the groceries away anymore.

Bear Hugs your way!

Your DH should leave a note as to where he put you stuff… And heck, I can loose stuff in a closet I am so forgetful. I hope it turns up soon.

Ask your boys! I’ll bet anything they know exactly where Daddy hid it.

Did you ever find it? I thought of you today when I got into my car this afternoon and lost my keys. AFTER I had unlocked it and buckled the kids in. I looked for a good 10 minutes before I found them, IN MY CAR!!!

:teehee: :teehee: I have been there also! I get distracted by my kids all the time. But I have to be careful not to blame them all the time because a little over ten years ago I once placed my keys on my office chair then pushed the chair back under my desk. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to realized what I had done. But by the time I had found them I already had my father and the military police involved in my dilemma!

No I haven’t found my bag yet but I haven’t’ been able to look either. I was waiting for some of my clients to get back to me so I could finish their taxes so I thought I would knit a little. Well everyone got back to me at the same time soooo it was back to work for me.

LOL! Do not feel alone. I used to lose my keys REGULARLY- but not anymore. They are attached with a heavy duty screw on carabiner link (from the hardware section) to my bag strap. Since the keys are on my bag, I always remember to have my bag.

I once lost my ATM card somewhere between the ATM and the bank parking lot- in my car or something. I never did find it.

When we loose something - its usually been drug out in the backyard & played tug-of-war between our 4 dogs!!!
But dont feel bad - I can loose things on my desk that I just had 5 minutes ago - where do these things go!!! Remember the old movie “The Little’s” or something like that - where little people run & steal the Big People’s things - & they keep them all in their world. So just imagine lots of little people playing with your yarn & needles!