Lost in my pattern

I need to know how to tell the row under the one I just knit is. I got lost in my pattern, and do not know if I’m on row 5 or repeating row 3… they are drastically different, so if I knew how, yeah… that would make my life a little easier. :slight_smile: row 5 is k1,p1,k1,twice p1,k3, and row 3 is k4, p1, k7 repeat from p to end… like I said drastically different.

You do need to learn to read your knitting. It’ll make life much, much easier.

Here’s what the stitches look like. Knit stitches look flat with the V’s and purl stitches look like a bump or like it’s wearing a scarf backwards. Look at the top next to the needle to see what they look like best.

BTW…always include a link to the pattern if at all possible when asking questions. We can help better that way.

Thank you! now that I saw that picture, it became crystal clear… I should have gone with my gut, but I guess I already reversed the pattern, so maybe it was good to ask… Thank you! Any idea how I reversed the pattern?

I’m not sure. You may have misread the knits and purls or maybe you’re following a confusing chart or something?