Lost in instructions

i began my beautiful new project just to get stuck on the second row of instructions. can anyone explain me in plain words when to increase and how much to increase each time?

"M.1 A (- see the start arrow for size. NB! Knit from the start arrow towards the left until finish row), stocking sts over the next 20-22-30-32-37-39 sts, 4 garter sts. Remember the knitting tension! At the same time inc. at the end of each row from the WS (= Side A): 2 sts 3-3-5-5-6-6 times, 3 sts 4 times and 4 sts 1 time = 54-56-64-66-71-73 sts. Incorporate new sts into M.1 as going along"

oh, and here’s the link to the garment http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=103&d_id=8&lang=en.

:slight_smile: i’ll appreciate any help.

Well, it depends on what size you are working on. For example if you were doing the smallest size you would increase a total of 8 times always on the wrong side of your work/project at the end of the row. So you would add 2 stitches to your work a series of 3 times, than 3 stitches 4 times, and finally 4 stitches one time. This will give you a total of 22 (twenty-two) additional stitches if you were doing it in the small size. I believe the number for the stockinette stitches is off in that first line where they tell you to knit over 20, 22, 30, etc. sts.

Garn Studio patterns can sometimes be a bit confusing or hard to understand, probably due to the fact that they are translated.


where do i increase? where there’s the M1 pattern or where i just need to make 4 garter sts? i can’t figure out from the picture which is slanting sideways.

I believe from looking at the instructions you increase in the stockinette portion; however, since I am not actually looking at the fabric I am only 85 - 90 percent sure. All I can say is once you get to the end of the wrong side row before you turn over to knit the right side add the required amount of stitches for that row.

Hiya Olga,
I went and looked at the directions and the M.1 is refferring to the chart at the bottom of the page there (unfortunately it’s written in norwegian). And it shows what you are supposed to do.
But beings I don’t speak norwegian and my babblefish won’t translate it. I really don’t know what to tell you hun!!!
Wish I could be of more help.:waah:

There’s an english translation of the symbols just above it; they go in the same order as the Swedish ones.

Well dang, there ya go. I looked again and up in the stitch explanation part right at the bottom just before the actual instructions there is a part that says:
"Increasing tip: Inc. inside 4 garter sts as follows: make a yo, on the returning row twist and knit the yo to avoid a hole. (i.e knit into the back of st instead of the front)."
Dang, I knew if enough of us looked at the pattern something would click with a couple of us.

Suz, thanks for the clue!!!:slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t see that note. I was just looking for the chart explanations which I know they put in there…