Lost in dog sweater pattern

I’m a beginner knitter and I’m lost in this dog sweater I’m knitting. Here is the pattern part where I’m stuck.

Leg Openings: 1st row K5…bind off next 4 sts. K36. Bind off next 4 sts. Knit to end of row.
Note: All leg sections are worked at the same time using a separate ball of yarn for each section.
Beg with a purl row, work 1" in stocking st from bound off sts, ending with RS facing for next row.

So I’ve did the leg opening part but if I purl the next row it makes the leg openings so small! Is that right??


Does the pattern have a drawing by any chance? Does is look like the legs are supposed to be small? They’ll probably stretch some once it’s on a dog and it’s had a chance to walk around in the garment.

Hi! I’m the resident dog sweater expert.

What you are doing is creating the leg openings, that much you’ve figured out. What you are going to do from now on, is work your sections separately with a new ball of yarn. So, you start out by purling across the row, then drop that ball. Go to the next section (to the left of the leg opening) and pick up another ball of yarn, purl across that section (the middle section), then drop the yarn and pick up another ball on the left section and purl across. You should have three balls of yarn, one for the right section, one for the middle and one for the left. Turn your work and knit across the section, drop yarn, pick up the yarn on the next section, knit across, drop yarn, pick up yarn for the next section, knit across.

Does that make sense?

The smallest size (which looks like what you are knitting) has the leg openings at about 1 in x 1 inch. Plus, as kemp mentioned, there should be some stretch. I’m no dog expert, but that would fit my 19# cat’s front legs.

thanks carmen. I thought that might be the case cause if I had just plain purled across the whole way it would close the holes up. Thanks! Onward I go.