LOST fans..check this out!

I’m still reading, but it looks interesting! Like I don’t have enough to do already… :rollseyes: :lol:

The LOST Experience

This is my daughters current favorite Lost site.



ooooh more sites to add to my Lost obsession! :slight_smile:

:?? That takes me to an airfare or travel site…

:?? That takes me to an airfare or travel site…[/quote]

It does indeed - Oceanic Air is the airline that they were travelling on flight 815. There are a TON of these sites out there.

A good site too is http://www.lost-tv.com - this has lots of details / spoilers / speculations and even full details on the lost experience. Many there have been cracking the codes in the sites. There are sites for Hanso organisation, Jeep, widmore and many others all linking clues to whats going on in Lost.

On the old oceanic site there was a thing you put in saying “find the boy” in the right places on the site then hit search - the picture at the top of the site would change and the smoke would be shown on the island. From there you could click on a bar in the border of the picture that brought up more interesting things.

=D There are a TON of them - hope you have some time and are into cracking puzzles =D

Actually after entering “find” in the first field and “the boy” in the second - it gave me this when hitting “find”