Lost count

of my rows while I was knitting the booga (I just started, I’m doing the garter stitch for 34 rows…) what part of the row do I count to make sure I’m counting correctly??? Does that make sense??? I can’t tell how many rows I’ve done…help!! :help: :help:

welllllllllllll when you are counting garter you should be able to count the ridges on one side and double it and there are your rows.

that being said…i never trust it and i just count the ridges on both sides. :rollseyes:

i know it to be true that counting the ridges on one side works but i always tell myself that one side may have 13 ridges and the other side 14 ridges and i just can’t get past it, and marking the right side would just be waaaaaaaaay too easy…lol

On one side, there appears to be a ridge right against the needles…do I count this as a ridge too?

Do I count the ridge that is the edge of the actual piece of knitting?? I’m sorry–I know these are probably dumb questions–this is the first time I’ve followed an actual pattern before and I don’t know why I didn’t think to use a stitch marker…

below I’ve added some photos…

well it is a little hard to tell for sure with the yarn you are using and trying to see it flat but it looks like there are either 4 or 5 ridges there. both pics look like 4 but i may be losing a ridge or two in there.

I get 4 ridges too but I’m counting the one against the needle, and the edge of the knitting too–is this what you are counting? Sorry it’s so hard to tell–I’m using Noro 149 and it’s double stranded so it’s a little thick and dark.

i was counting the one against the needle. i don’t count the cast on edge because almost all patterns say to cast on and THEN say knit X number of rows.

If you dont’ count the cast on edge then you only get 3 ridges which would make 6 rows, correct? That seems right…

Sometimes I have problems with that too… I have even used a piece of paper with marks just to make sure that I am counting right… When I cant remember (when I lose the paper) I find out if one more row will affect the whole pattern… if not, I forget about my “forgotten count” and count what I see(whether it is right or not)… and keep going… I dont think it will affect you in the Booga Bag.

Edit: I see 6 rows…

When it matters, I make a hash mark on paper to keep track (for something fitted). An extra row at this point doesn’t matter for the booga. Just decide that you have six and keep count from this point.

I’m with Sara. With a project like the Booga it doesn’t matter if you’re one or two rows off. (Even though it’s nice to know about the counting thing, for future reference.)

Totally OT - you have such pretty nails! :slight_smile:

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Wow, you could be a hand model. I’m jealous. I can’t keep mine from breaking.

Today I was aiming for 42 rows - I am making mine a little bigger - but I definitely lost count during swim meet. I counted the ridges and figure if I am off a row or two, it will be ok. Just make sure when you pick up your stitches, that rather than worrying about picking up a certain number, that you pick them up where you need to.

On booga #1 (aka the midget booga), I was highly concerned with making sure I had 34 rows and that the proper number of stitches were picked up. I learned that the felting makes up for a multitude of sins.

geeze guys…I need to keep you around to inflate my ego!

I started over on the booga for reasons other than the number of rows so now I’m keeping count–and I agree a row or so difference won’t make a difference so long as I don’t run outta yarn!

Angelia, one of my winged friends on this board (go ahead…straighten your halo Ange) sent me a pm w/ a pic of garter stitch and we practiced counting ridges…I’m getting pretty good…

regarding my nails…they aren’t real but I appreciate the comments–I’ll tell my magnificient nail lady you all liked them! I actually keep nails for knitting–I find that I use them alot to hold stitches, etc. I used to keep my real nails long but I got tired of them breaking–the nail lady talked me into putting a gel hardener over my nails to make them strong and better shaped. I love them. As for my hands/fingers, they are pretty small–my wedding ring is a 5 and my mom’s wedding ring is a 4.5–I guess it runs in the family!