Lost a pattern for a ruffled purse

Hi! Well, here’s the story. I had had a pattern bookmarked for this ruffled purse. Last week my computer crashed, so the bookmark is now gone. The purse is knit in one piece. There’s a ruffle at the part where you close the purse, if that makes any sense. I remember that you knit in garter for like 2 or 3 in. then there’s a round where you have to knit 3 together a lot. I can’t think of the sites name for anything. I just remember that it was a designer site, and that was the one free pattern. I’ve googled it, checked ravelry, but I can’t find it anywhere. Has anyone else heard of this pattern. Thanks for the help! :mrgreen:

:think: Well here’s a few to look through.

There’s supposed to be one here, but I don’t see it. :??

Was it a felted purse? I found this site thanks to Jan in CA when she found someone a poncho link. Scroll down. It’s the Romantic Ruffles Felted Handbag.

Jan thanks so much! That Twitterpated Purse was exactly it, thanks so much for finding it for me!!!:yay: :hug:

You’re welcome!