Lost a needle, grr

I just started on another pair of socks (I caught the bug!), and I was knitting on my couch yesterday when I set down my work to check on something. Well, my working needle was in my lap one second, then the next second it was gone, eaten by the great green monster that is my couch. So now I only have 3 size 2s, and I need 4. :wall:

When I went to the local craft store to try and pick up a new set, they didn’t have any, and when I asked they said they’d never carried them in the first place. Which is silly, because I bought those DPNs there two or three weeks ago. So now I have to traipse around the town searching for a new set, which could prove rather difficult. Oy.

What do you do when you lose a needle?


Tear apart the couch/cushions/under couch/behind it?

Today I lost one of my passports argh.

I generally freak out and tear my entire house apart. If I HAVE to have it THAT day, I run to my favorite store and if they don’t have it I call around.

If I have to wait I go to Amazon or Knitpicks. I HATE waiting (and love supporting local business!!!) :o)

I think id tear the couch apart…not only for the needle that you paid precious money for, but so i wouldnt get a needle stuck in my butt…:shock:

I have two sets of sock size needles because I like to do a pair at a time, and use one needle between them anyway…

I’m with the tearing the couch apart crew. We did that the other day looking for my son’s keys… his brother had them the whole time.

I set a needle trap and wait overnight! I bait it with cashmere! :slight_smile:

I had an experience like that with a stitch marker from a new set of stitch markers. Here one minute and gone the next. I searched all over around and under the couch and finally gave up. About two weeks later it just magically appeared on the floor.

Give up and start using two circular needles? That’s my preferred method. :lol:


Seriously, when I’ve lost a set of circs or tips…they are usually parked on an unfinished project that I’ve forgotten about. That’s the place I start looking. In bags that might contain a WIP, or, maybe it’s called a UFO when so much time has gone by I can’t remember it.

I try to buy dpn in sets of 5. So when I misplace one, I can still keep working. The needle shows up eventually. But it is nice having a spare.

cashmere, and sake…

If I lose a dpn and can’t get a replacement, I generally just use one from another set one size smaller or one size bigger. For example, if I’m working a sock with size 2 needles and lose one, I’ll just take a needle from my size 1 set and use it. I’ve found that it generally makes little if any difference in the end.