Lost 1 DPN - can I use 1 of a different size?

Well, as luck would have it, I lost 1 dpn while in the middle of my second sock. I thought I’d read somewhere that you could substitute 1 dpn of a different size without any problems. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks

I’ve never read anything about it but I would say it’s a bad idea. The stitches would look sloppy unless your gage is sort of bulky. If it’s made with sock yarn and the stitches are small, neat, and tight I think you would notice a difference. I wouldn’t do it.

I believe it was EZ who said you can do it. It does work! If you use a similar sized needle. On dpns you are constantly rotating what needle you use and the odd size needle will not be used in the same section making it less obvious. I worked on a mitten with one dpn bigger and you honestly can’t see the difference.

yes EZ said it. you can use a different but similar size

Thanks everyone. I thought it was EZ (but thought it could have been BW as well). I know I need to buy more dpns to replace these, but I was so close to finishing these socks, that I just wanted to get it done!


:thumbsup: Hiya tkingny,
Are you using 5 dpn’s or 4?
If you’re using 5 then just rearrange the stitches on the remaining needles onto three and use the fourth for knitting.
I’ve done that many a time when and luckily I usually just use three plus one for knitting in the round. So I always had that extra needle handy just in case.:thumbsup:

Cat Bordhi recommends that you use a smaller needle for the bottom part of the sock, from heel onward, changing back at the toes. She says it makes a tighter, longer lasting sock.