Losing my WEBS virginity

I have volunteered to knit a lace scarf for the fundraising auction at my MIL’s school (she’s a librarian at a private school nearby), and I was out running other errands, so I went to WEBS to buy some yarn.

Can I say, that buying yarn at WEBS is like going to a dairy farm to buy milk. Absolutely overwhelming. However, a staff member noticed my deer-in-the-headlights look and helped me to find a yarn and pattern that I really liked and wasn’t very expensive. I bought one skein of Misti Alpaca lace (my first alpaca, too!), which came with a nice scarf pattern, and then I bought size 3 addis to knit it with.

I peeked into the back to look at the Warehouse, but I couldn’t make myself go in there. So…much…yarn… :notworthy: :notworthy: :heart:

At checkout, I had a nice gabfest with the WEBS girls. I told them about where I live, which is not very far from there but still in the middle of fuhreaking nowhere, and I think I sold them on a day trip out to my town. And they were so nice and helpful with all my gabbing, I even told them about Sockwars and encouraged them to join! (I scoped sock yarn for the war, as well, but didn’t buy anything yet) Also, I totally plugged KH for its awesome forums.

Unfortunately, I am sorely disappointed at my addis. Maybe I’m too tight of a knitter, but the point on the 3s is so blunt that it continuously splits the yarn and causes me much frustration. :wall: So I’ll be taking them back. :verysad: Now I’m trying to decide if I want to re-try some addis in a larger size to see if I like them better, or if I want to just use the store credit from my return to buy some nice straight 3s with sharp points to use to make this scarf.

Anyways, if y’all ever come into this area you should definitely make a trip out to Mecca, I mean WEBS, because it’s that cool.

I drove 2 hours to get there and didn’t regret a moment!!

Sometimes Addi points are not sharp enough for some patterns, but I wouldn’t return them. But then again, I never return anything knitting related unless it’s broken. :shrug:

Hmmmm, my hubby just asked me yesterday what I wanted for my birthday (Eeek!! I’m turning 30 this year :shock: ) I said, oh, take me to a yarn store I’ve never been too.

WELL, you’ve just given me a grrrreat idea!! Thanks. :woot:

Massachusettes here we come!

I Just learned that they are in MA the other day!! I’m thinking maybe an hour or so away. I am so going to have to plan a trip there!!!

OMG KH Webs get-together! When!!! :cheering: :cheering: :balloons: :woohoo: :woot: :blooby: :yay:

goddess I love the smilies!

ETA: anyone who is ever in the WEBS area and wants to get-together for an hour or so, let me know. I love getting together with other knitters.

Kristin, its just over 2 hours for us to get there. But as Ingrid has pointed out, the 2 hours is worth it. I’m so interested in the their Grab Bags. Has anyone ever ordered these? Do they have them in the store?

I’m all for a meet up and Webs! Who’s in??

Me! Let me know when y’all start talking dates (PM me! I don’t always keep up with threads). I’ll do my best to make it! :yay:

Awwww, my co-worker is from that way & she goes to WEBS on a regular basis, I haven’t been yet, but we are working on a plan as well…I did visit their website…however, I hear you can spend a whole day & still not see everything…

Like I’ve died & gone to heaven… :hug:


I’m going to throw out some dates, and see what everyone can do.

Monday Aug 28 thru Saturday Sept 2

Thurs Sept 7, Friday Sept 8, Sat Sept 23

What works for everyone?

oooh, this is so exciting! I get to drool over yarn with my fellow yarn droolers!

Thanks for organizing JamieJeans!

I’ve posted my reply to our existing Knitters in the NorthEast thread. Let’s continue the conversation there!