Losing momentum

I am new to the forum. I learned to knit in solitude many years ago and made a few simple things with modest success. Now, about 25 years later, I have developed a passion for yarn. My knitting skills don’t really match the way I feel about the yarn itself.

Anyway, I found a pattern: a pullover sweater knit in two halves, from cuff to center, stockinette and reverse stockinette. Simple. But because I have this yarn thing…I am doing it in five different yarns: different fibers, different colors, different types; creating a pattern of vertical stripes is easy since one is knitting sideways, in a manner of speaking. The first half is finished, and I’m about 2/5 of the way through the second half. It has become a chore. When I was in the part of the sweater between the top of the sleeve and the neck opening, I had 267 stitches on the needles! It’s just a little overwhelming. I have taken several breaks and knitted two scarves with fat yarn on big needles, just to counteract the effect of knitting this pullover. I feel like I want to outsource the rest of it…but I really want the sweater! I can’t knit on this thing for more than, like 20 minutes. I may never finish it.

Any suggestions?

Can you knit socks? I would knit something small and quick like socks or a hat or a wash cloth.

It’ll give you a “break” from the sweater, and you’ll have the gratification of a finished object, which will help inspire you to finish the sweater!

Just don’t knit your small object in stockinette! :teehee:

My advice as I suffer from this same affliction constantly…

have two wips going. (try not to make it anymore…I get frustrated with too many wips.)

Main project - really great sweater. make a goal of doing at least one row a day. I mean how long does it really take to do just one row? I make a point to work on my current project of eternity for 15-20 minutes. Then I give myself permission to stop. But progress is made each day!

Project of the moment - something small and portable…socks, scarves on big needles…etc. Gives a sense of accomplishment and actually gives your fingers a break from knitting with the same needles and yarn.

Best of luck!!

Ditto - I have to have 2 or more going at the same time cuz’ I get either bored or frustrated with a large project. As you can see from my signature I have at least 3 going now, but I’m getting ready to start another one sometime this week - another baby outfit.

I always have 2-3 projects going at the same time because I do get bored with one, especially if it takes time, as in your sweater. Put something simple on needles that can be worked up quickly along with the involved project. I have a baby blanket, another Red Hat and the rest of my handbag going.

What they said! :teehee:

Although for me, the socks are what I need relief from. Might have to do with the fact that I’m knitting them on tiny needles…we are talking lots of stitches here! :wall:

This series of suggestions has really helped me. The best one might be to do one or two rows a day and then I’m allowed to stop. Before I checked here, I had told myself I would finish the left half of the back TODAY. Not realistic.

One Row at a Time!

Also, I am going to buy some Debbie Bliss superchunky yarn and get something big and easy going on large needles. I’ve been casting about for a reason to get some of that stuff.

I love this forum! Total validation! Permission to take my time knitting this darn pullover! Reasons to buy more yarn! All I was seeking, and more.

:cheering: I helped someone!!

Okay fine print…what actually happens with me when I promise to do one row or 15 minutes of knitting…is I do more. I do a row and think “Well, I might as well do one more…”

I do the 15 minutes. I set a little timer and knit my current boring project for 15 minutes. Sometimes I do more, but I only promise to do 15 mins. Any extra is a bonus.

Then I go do something I want to do.

You can do anything for 15 itty bitty minutes…even knit a boring project.