Losing Mind and Stitches!

I recently became interested in knitting, which I have never done. I have everything that might be required. I have mastered the long tail cast on. I can even knit stitch now. My problem, is that my stitches keep sliding off, when I’m pulling the stitch over to the other needle. Since I don’t know the first thing about putting everything back in place, I start over. Now you can see why I’m a master of long tail cast on !! Do you have a suggestion for me ? Thank You

Welcome to KH and to knitting. Have you tried holding the next stitch on the needle with your left index finger as you slide the first stitch off? When several stitches fall off the first thing is to gently drop or lay your knitting down so that you don’t make things worse and BREATHE. You can put them all back on the needle. If you have a smaller needle to pick them up with that can make it easier. Here’s a video that covers this situation and might help you. knitting oops: my stitches fell off the needle

Welcome to the forum!
GG’s suggestions are all good ones. You may find that you like a grippier needle better. Bamboo and wooden needles tend to hold onto stitches a bit more than metal.
It’ll all work out and look at how good you are at long tail!

AND you aren’t knitting so tightly that the stitches won’t move. That’s how I started out.

Pick up bamboo needles as suggested above and try a yarn that isnt too slippy (silk etc) use a worsted weight and don’t work too close to the tips of the needles. Mistakes are how you’ll learn so keep it up!

Everyone is bound to make mistakes. I always tried to view them as part of the learning process. Keep up the good work.