Losing knitting mojo?

I think that knitting to a deadline was a really bad idea, I seem to look at my knitting bag and just don’t want to touch any of it as it now feels like a chore. Does any one else find they have/have had the same issue? I’m hoping it comes back soon as otherwise I’ll have a very hectic couple of weeks buying presents!

Yep. The main reason I don’t knit gifts for holidays. Knitting should be fun and relaxing and if it’s in anyway stressful to you then don’t. I don’t mind knitting for someone (occasionally), but I do it on my own schedule. IF you really want to do a gift for a holiday, baby shower or special occasion start very early and have a back up plan. :+1:

Glad it’s not just me then, have learned the hard way not to do this again!

I plan starting way in advance because I do not want the rushed feeling. I like the homemade stuff but the rush not!

And almost invariably something goes wrong for me. The gauge is off, the color doesn’t thrill me, the pattern has an error or I made it up and clearly I was high when I thought this would work out. Ehh. :joy:

I knit for anxiety, knitting for someone creates anxiety. Even if I make something obviously not for me (baby booties) it’s not promised and no plans of finishing it.

That is Everybody right now. When you knit for Christmas it turns into tedious work. A fix for this is after Christmas is over, start doing projects for fun that are meant as gifts for next christmas. I do projects through out the year so I wont’ be swamped in December. But I am anyway lol because I brought out my years worth of things and I came up with the idea I would like the recipients to get other things instead. I do have a stack of slippers and scarves already that will make nice things for some people. Another issue is the stress of trying to come up with the “perfect gift”. I found that instead of that, make general items instead like pet beds, socks, slippers (but find out if they actually wear them first- a lot of people never wear them, slippers) find out if they actually wear hats before making the complex stitch pattern and expensive yarns- it might be very nice but worthless if they never wear them
Socks are a huge big plus hand made socks are big this year

Pet beds u can never go wrong

Phone holders, tote bags, I have found through experience the most simple and easy projects are usually the most used by the recipient. Ive gone the expensive yarn and complicated patterns unless u know for sure they will wear it dont BOTHER

Thank you @WhampusKitty I have started/already know what I’m doing for people it’s just actually completing things that’s the issue. I’m giving myself a few days off then will start again!

I thought I was the only one who felt like that! Have an afghan to finish by Christmas and then some baby things by May. I really don’t think I will finish all of it in time.

You can always make baby things ahead of time, stash them and give away as the need arises.

Definitely! I knit to relax and usually gift it when it’s finished. Knitting on a time line is awful.

Yep, me too. Not so much for Christmas, but I’m knitting my sister some mittens and having taken the right one apart at least 4 or 5 times, I just don’t want to even look at it! She will have to have cold hands for a while.

My advise though - don’t let yourself be psychological, just make a cuppa, put the telly on, and get out the once piece of knitting you really don’t want to do. With any luck that mental barrier will crumble. If not, buy knitted hats and take the label out! :joy::joy:

:joy: good plan! I have compromised and done some crochet instead, that way I still get stuff done but don’t have to think about the knitting for a while. I think the main issue is that I either have to do intarsia or stocking stitch and neither are really floating my boat at the moment!

I feel the same way. If someone asks me to knit them something, I don’t want to. I would rather knit something fun and creative and gift it when it’s done. If I give myself a deadline (like my nephew’s birthday), I make sure to start far enough in advance to finish the project. My life seems to operate on Murphy’s Law. The Doctor Who scarf I knitted for my nephew was a large task. I gave myself almost 6 months to complete it. It took more than 2 months just to pinpoint the colors and order the yarn which sat on back-order for 3 weeks, I started having issues with my wrist, I couldn’t find a place to block it, and I posted numerous questions to the Facebook group on making it screen-accurate. So the idea formed back in October. I ordered the yarn in December and received it in January. I finished the WIP before casting on the scarf and hit several roadblocks along the way. But it was still relaxing and enjoyable to knit something that I know my nephew will love. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m a Whovian myself.

I have several other projects in mind for the next year for my sisters, mom, sister-in-law, neighbor, and best friend. But the one I flat out don’t want to do is the pair of fingerless gloves my son wants me to make for him. Mainly because it puts me in the mind set of “why am I making these?”

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