The bond between this man and his horses is amazing. Check out his blog site, which is linked also.


Didn’t anybody beside me like this guy? I love what he can do with his horses.

My sister sent me a link to a video of him with his horses about a year ago. I was very impressed with the bond he develops. I had one horse years ago I had that kind of bond with. It’s like reading each others mind. That he can do that with multiple horses is amazing.

This is one of the most incredible videos I’ve ever seen!
I had chills throughout the entire video.

THANKS so much for taking time to share it with us!!!

I sent the link to all my closest friends!!!

well. I’m breathing again. That was just incredible.

Amazing. I’m sure his horses feel a deep bond with him.

That was incredible!

Amazing! I will have to show dh when he comes in. He had a horse when he was a young man.