This is Lorelei from the book Yarn Play. It is made by knitting a stockinette rectangle and then sewing up the rectangle to form a tube. Then stitches are picked up on the side of the tube and the upper body is worked from there. A quick, simple knit, though I think I’ve been spoiled by the top down raglan as this simple thing seemed fiddly to me. What, I have to knit 4 separate top sections? Anyway, took 4 balls of Cascade Pima Tencel in Cornflower and one ball of something or other, I forget. Despite the fact that I followed instructions and crocheted an edge around the bottom and blocked it, it still rolls and the crocheted bottom edge is not visible.

What an interesting pattern! I like the color you selected for it!

Very nice and you’re pretty good at the over the shoulder picture taking! :lol:

That’s really pretty!

I Love it! And fits great! You definitely know how to pick a pattern that fits you :cheering:

What a cool shirt! I love it!!!
You are seriously my knitting inspiration - I love seeing your FOs.

Lovely colour, and a perfect fit as always. I like the neckline. :thumbsup:

I’ve been admiring your finished projects for months. They are ALL so beautiful and fit you perfectly. Are you one of those people that gets magical extra hours in every day that allows you to get all your projects done so beautifully and quickly!!!

Thanks, guys.

Haha, I had to try a few times for that.

Thanks. I [I]try[/I] to make a few hours for knitting each day. But I don’t have children, a husband, or even a bf. I do something with friends one, two, maybe three times a week, and I never cook. I dumped other hobbies like reading and tending and collecting houseplants for knitting. I only work part-time, 4-5 hours a day and my studying, I’m not so diligent and it never takes up more than 3-4 hours of my day. This makes for more time.

The one tip for fit I have is a bit of negative ease. Knits stretch. Large gauge knits really stretch, and pretty much anything we’re doing by hand is large gauge. I found this out when (purposely) I made a vest 9" smaller than my bust and it still fit, though a bit stretched. So make it small, esp. around the bust. Know the measurements of various parts of your body so you can do shaping according to your own body. Know the measurements of your favorite sweater. And do gauge swatches and check your gauge even after getting into your project. You can’t be surprised when something doesn’t fit you if you don’t check gauge.

It sure is a perfect size for you and a good colour. I like the pic with your hand around the back of your head…kind of ‘arty’ :slight_smile:

Wow! It turned out gorgeous!! Love the color!

It’s adorable…I love the color!:cheering:

It looks great! I love your style - colors and fit are always perfect.

WOW! :thud: It’s beautiful!