Lopi tote (with Cascade 220)

[FONT=Courier New]I started (cast on) this felted bag Monday night and finished it this afternoon. It was knit (big)with 100% wool and then washed in the washer on HOT water to felt it and now it’s so cute and I can’t wait til it dries so I can use it as my purse! Just so excited I had to share. I wanted to do a KAL and it’s there, but no one joined in and I just finished it; but I’d like to see other’s pics if y’all decide to make one. [/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New]before felting the bag was 16" tall from the top to where I started decreasing for the bottom. After felting it was 4"x7"x7" to the bottom of the handle.[/FONT]

Very nice and a pretty color!

I also love the color, aren’t they fun to knit and an easy knit.

Thanks for sharing

Looks GOOD :cheering:Love that color blue!!!


Looking good and nice color!

thanks for all the compliments, I love it. works good as a purse too.

Very pretty! I love the color. Please post pictures now that it’s finished.

ok, here it is full of my purse stuff…

I love it! :inlove:

I just have this thing for felted purses. Another item to add to the To Do list. Thanks for sharing!

Super cute and fab color!


Thanks everyone but I believe I’ve received a very high compliment from my husbands step mom and that was that she would love to have one of them for Christmas! pretty cool huh?!

What a cute bag. I’ve become such a sucker for felted bags. This is quite tempting!

I think the highest compliment we can get is when someone expresses a desire for the item we just finished. :::::sigh:::::