Lopi mittens

Hi all,

I am getting ready to start some mittens for xmas gifts and I wanted to use Patons SWS for a pair. do you think that the Lopi Mitten pattern on this site would work in that wool?

Do any of you reccomend another patter that works/fits great?


As long as the yarn weight and gauge is the same you can substitute. If the gauge is different it will affect the size. You can do it, but it will require some work with swatching to get the right needle size, etc.

That being said it looks to me like the Lopi is a bulky yarn and the SWS is a medium weight.

Yes, I know that the SWS is medium (4)… but I couldn’t find what the Lopi was when I looked online. My sister in law has really tiny hands so I’m thinking that it might work out anyways.

Does anyone know if the Lopi pattern fits nicely?

Is there another pattern you might suggest?