Lopi merino pattern

I have about 5 skeins (I think) of Lopi from www.customwoolenmills.com What can I do with it? It’s actually made from merino so it’s soft - not traditional Lopi but I think it’s single ply (possibly?). Thanks in advance!

How about a comfy poncho or wrap? I’m thinking these are small skeins, like 100 yd? That would be more than enough. What you have left over, how about some easy dog sweaters :slight_smile: I’m making these in a weekend, and I’m not that fast of a knitter.


Thanks for the ideas Lu! I may just do a wrap… Your dog sweater looks great but my pup is too big - he’d take up a couple skeins! He’s an 80 lb chocolate labrador retriever! And also, he doesn’t need a sweater - he’s built for the cold. Good idea though and your’s looks so cute!

Anyone else have some ideas?

LOL, yeah, your baby doesn’t need a sweater :roflhard: …well, I suppose it depends on where you live.


You have the Lopi that comes in 100gram balls and is kinda bulky? Maybe you could make something felted with it, like a bag? And a hat with the leftovers? I think Lopi is too scratchy for something you have to wear next to the skin.

Thanks! This Lopi is actually pretty soft. I’m planning a “felting” test though cuz this is the natural color and I’m not sure if that will felt. I’ve read that white lopi won’t.