Loosing "4" stitches

Hi all, I am working this row ( previous row is K, working with 39 sts) K6,(yo,sk2p,K3)4 times, yo, sk2p,yo,K6…I have worked this row 10 times over and I continually lose 4 sts… To work[B] sk2p, sl 1 as if to K, K next 2 sts tog pass slipped st over st just made off the needle[/B]…Thanks

Row 1: K39
Row 2: K6,(yo,sk2p,K3)4 times, yo, sk2p,yo,K6

I just write things out and count them…
K6 -1,2,3,4,5,6
1)YO -inc 1
Slip1 -7
K2tog -8,9 (dec 1)
PSSO -dec 1 (7)
K3 -10,11,12
2)YO -inc 1
Slip1 -13
K2tog -14,15 (dec 1)
PSSO -dec 1 (13)
K3 -16,17,18
3)YO - inc 1
Slip1 - 19
K2tog - 20,21 (dec 1)
PSSO - dec 1 (19)
K3 -22,23,24
4)YO - inc 1
Slip1 - 25
K2tog - 26,27 (dec 1)
PSSO -dec 1 (25)
K3 - 28,29,30
YO -inc 1
Slip1 - 31
K2tog - 32,33 (dec 1)
PSSO - dec 1 (31)
YO - inc1 (Given that there is a second YO here, is there meant to be a second YO within each repeat?)
K6 -34,35,36,37,38,39

Now, by my count this works all 39sts from the previous row. However, there does seem to be Two dec for each YO within each of the four repeats. So yes, you would be losing a total of 4sts across the row.
Note that on the last part there are two YOs thus balancing the two decreasease. I wonder if there are supposed to be two YOs in each of the four repeats as well? i.e. a second YO after the PSSO.

Yes, I get a decrease of 4sts also (following the instructions for the sk2p which makes it a double decrease). It’s in the parentheses. At each repeat you decrease 2sts x4 =8 but only increase one st (the yo) x4=4. So overall, you lose 4 sts. The yo, sk2p,yo,K6 at the end decreases 2sts but also has 2 yo’s so there’s a compensating increase of 2sts.
Maybe the parentheses should be (yo, sk2p,yo,K3)?
What pattern is this? Or is there a following row that has a net increase of 4sts?

…The pattern is part of the “Sampler Afghan” previously mentioned:teehee: (awhile back, remember?) so, I think you can click on the link and “maybe” pull up the “Turtles” pattern…anyway, NO, NEXT ROW IS ws K3,P33,K3…=39 sts…I have emailed the company, possibly a correction has been made? Thank you for you help:heart:

I agree with Salmonmac, the repeat should have 2 YOs in it to offset the double dec - (yo, sk2p, yo, K3)4 times. Look at the picture and see if there’s one on both sides of the dec like there is at the end of the row - yo, sk2p, yo, k6. So the beg of the row would match, after the k6, you have the yo, dbl dec and there should be another yo.

O.K. here goes:

Co 39
Rws. 1-6 K across
Rw 7 and all odd num rws (WS) K3,P33,K3
Rw 8 K3 (yo sk2p yo K3) 6 times
RW10 k3, (yo,sk2p,yo,k3) 6 times
RW 12 k
Rw 14 K6,(yo,sk2p,K3) 4 times,yo,sk2p, yo, K6
Rw 16 k6, (yo sk2p,k3) 4times, yo,sk2p, yo,k6
Rw 18 K
Repeat rows 7 18 consecutively… and looking at the pic, the “turtles” are appearing 5(turtles) in a row, then 6(turtles) in a row.In between the K33 P33 K3 Row 14 of the pattern appears to have 6 Turtles across the row…I will try and post a pic too…

Rows 14 and 16 should also have 2 YOs in the repeat - (yo, sk2p, yo, K3) 4 times.

Thank you, worked out…The pattern was written with an error…