Loose Threads

Hello. I’m new to knitting and I have a question about loose threads. So far I’ve learned how to cast on and I’m currently doing the knit stitch. At the end of the rows I am experiencing loose and sloppy loops. There doesn’t seem to be a way to tighten it up. I’ve gone over all the videos and I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening. I started out using Red Heart thread and had no issues with loose threads, but when I changed over to Homespun yarn, I started experiencing the loose threads. Does anyone have any advice or know what is happening?


How many rows have you knit? After a few rows they do tighten up. When you’re learning just keep going. :thumbsup:

Hi Jan:

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve done about 15 rows using the Homespun Yarn and about 50 rows using the Red Heart yarn. I don’t get any loose threads at the end when I’m using the Red Heart yarn, but when I use the Homespun yarn, I get loops at the end of the row. Can’t figure out why. If you have any ideas why this may be happening, I would love to hear them.

I will keep going.


Lion Brand Homespun? That yarn bulky and hard to get to do what you want…to say nothing of knit at all. Many knitters hate it with a passion although some like it. :lol:

I think it may just be because it’s bulky and hard to get the stitches firm. I’m not sure.