Loose strand/bringing out under problem

hi, i’m working on a campfire dishcloth pattern and row four says to “knit seven; then insert needle under loose strand and knit next stitch, bringing stitch out under strand”. i am very confused and cannot figure how to do this, can anyone help me out? thank you so much!

Welcome to the forum!
On row 2 of the pattern you slipped 5sts with yarn in front. This made a loose strand at the front of the dishcloth. Now you want to catch that strand to give you the inverted V pattern that you see up the front of the cloth, On row 4, put the right needle under that loop and knit the next stitch on the left needle as usual. Before you slip that knit stitch off the needle, make sure that the loose strand is flipped to the back, over the left needle.
Another way to do this stitch is to pick up the loose strand and place it on the left needle, then knit the next stitch and the loose strand together.


thank you so much for the advice! i got it to work!!