Loose Stitches

I’m having a problem with the purl stitch that directly follows a knit stitch — it’s incredibly loose. The more I attempt to tighten it, the looser it seems to get.

It’s just that first purl – all the rest is at an even tension.

The pic shows the reverse side – the knit side. YUCK! HELP!

Thanks in advance for your help.

This is a fairly common problem in ribbing or on cables. With cables, the tighter you knit, the worse it seems to get. With both of them, wrap that first stitch the opposite direction and that helps to tighten it up. When you come to it on the next row, make sure you knit it through the back loop so it isn’t twisted.


Thanks – I’m using your advice and it seems to be working. Those stitches are still looser than the others, but it’s not as bad.

Sorry about the big azzz pic I posted. I deleted it. I’ll be sure to resize next time :oops: