Loose sides?

Hey! Pretty New to knitting here (well, I have been TRYING for like 6 months and have complete NOTHING).
While I am knitting, both sides seem so loose. I have like HUGE stitches on the sides and they are not uniform or pretty looking at all and it is starting to aggravate me! I have seen on one of the videos on the site to “slip the first stitch” I think she said, but I am still confused after watching it! :?? It SEEMED to me, that the first stitch that I do, then I should just basically not really work it, just slip it onto the other needed, and if I am understanding this correctly, once I get finished with that row and start working another row, I also just SLIP the first one one and not work it. And basically then, when I get to the END of the row, that is when I will be working that one that I pretty much skipped ??? That is what I have been attempting anyhow, and I dont see that it is looking any better. So I am obviously doing something wrong. Can someone help me?

That’s the theory on slipping first stitches, but it doesn’t work for me - they end up looser than knitting or purling them. I did find that by working the first stitch, pulling the yarn a bit to take up the looseness, then doing the next couple stitches a little tighter, it really does work to make the edge neater.

Thank you for that tip! I will try to just make the first few stitches a bit tighter and see if that helps

I have the same problem. It makes my edges look sloppier when I do this. The pulling on the yarn when you start your first stitch is my solution too, most of the time. I insert my needle, give the working yarn a gentle tug, then continue my stitch.

Sometimes though, if it’s compatible with the pattern, I’ll add a garter stitch selvage to both sides by just adding a knit stitch at the beginning and end of each row. The only thing you have to remember if you do that is to not include it in your original stitch count I like that for things like scarfs.