Loose purl sts

I’m doing this small purse on the round, with k6, p6 ribbing. When changing from knitting to purling, the first purl st is [I]very[/I] loose. However, this begins to be noticeable about 2 rounds later, not immediately. Is there any way to tighten this stitch without messing up the other sts? Will washing/blocking help? :S

You can wrap the purl st backwards then purl tbl on the next round. That can tighten it up.

If you’re knitting in the round you can purl by wrapping the yarn under instead of over and just do it the entire time. It twists the stitches, but it’s only visible on the back. On the front it’s beautiful. Here’s my blog where I “discovered” this for myself. :teehee:

That is good to know! I hate purling the the round for that very reason!

Thanks Jan in CA, I’ll do this technique on my next ribbing on the round. I don’t want to start it on the purse because then the first rounds will be messy while the others will be perfect. So I’ll just say that’s the style XD