Loose loops on tail side of work - New knitter

This may be answered many times over and if so, let e appologise in advance but I may not know how to phrase it to find the answer by searching.

I’m very new to knitting, I’ve been practicing for about a month now and I’ve discovered a trend in my work. I keep winding up with these large loose loops on one side of my work. Specifically on the tail side.They seem to get worse and worde the more rows I do. The other side stays springy and draw up like any other part of the work, but this loose side has these loops in varying sizes just loose. I’ve tried pulling the tension tighter on the side as i start or stop there but nothing seems to change it. Any ideas?

is this just where the tail is?? or is it more than just on the tail?

The whole side the tail is on, each row I wind up with loose loops

That’s odd, usually, both side edges are loose on the last stitch. Try this though - at the beginning of the row, make the first stitch, pulll the yarn a little bit, make the next couple stitches a little tighter. See how it looks after 5 or 6 rows of that.

Suzeeq’s suggestion is what I do to correct this. My first three stitches on each row are knitted with more tension on the tail than all other stitches and this seems to keep the large loops under control on the edges.