Loose Loop when picking up stitches

Hello! I am a beginner knitter trying to make a baby blanket for my sister. Last night I was picking up some dropped stitches. I intentionally dropped a few because I saw an abnormality a few rows down and wanted to fix it. Everything was going okay until I saw this loose loop that isn’t a “ladder rung” in the rows above it. I have no idea where this came from or how to fix it. I’ve attached an image here. Thanks so much for your help!

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try dropping down the first stitch on your left needle; see if you can find where it’s gone awry somewhere down there.

That’s a good idea, i will try that and report back, thank you!

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It looks to me like you put your knitting down and when you picked it up again, you started working in the wrong directions. It’s a good idea to finish a row if possible before putting a project down. Sometimes, that’s just not possible. If so, when you pick up the project, check to see which stitch the working yarn is coming from so that you know the last stitch that was knit.
Sadly, I don’t know an easy way to fix this except to take it all out down to the row with the mistake.

Your knitting is lovely and even, and looks very nice.

Thank you so much! It’s possible that after I picked up some stitches i put them on the wrong needle… I will try to pull them out and keep going.