Loose last thread at end of row

:grphug: What do I do with the last stitch on the end of the row. It is loose and floppy. i know there is a technique to twist or something but i don’t know how to accomplish this look. Please help.

Most of the time that loose stitch works itself in as you knit.is it at the beginning of the pattern? If so keep going and see how it looks

If it’s the end of the first row, it’ll get less loose as you knit more rows above it, then even out when you wash the item. If every row is like that, try starting the beginning of a row this way - work the first stitch, tug the yarn a little then do the next couple of stitches a little tighter. That evens out the edge sts very nicely.

I meant is it the beginning as in only a row or two. :teehee:

Usually that loose thread goes away with practice but sometimes it still hangs around. If the edges are going to be seamed, it won’t matter because the edge stitches will wind up in the seam. If the edge will show as in a scarf, you can slip the first stitch in the row and knit the last stitch. That evens out both edges and gives you a nice chain up the sides.