Hi, I have wanted to learn how to do loopy knitting since I was a child of the seventies and saw all the lovely bolero jackets women wore then. Does anyone know of a website where I could see it being done step by step and I could copy. I can’t find anyone in the UK who knows how to do it let alone teach me. Funny but everyone I ask remembers it. Thanks Lisa :smiley:


Is this what you mean?

http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/teacosies/loop-st-cosy.htm This pattern has writting instructions, too.

Thanks Ingrid, I would love to watch your first link you posted but there seems to be a problem with it.

if it is just seeming like it isn’t loading that is because it is a big file. give it time… if you are on a dial up connection give it a LOT of time.

It’s loading but it keeps freezing.

hmm…wonder why that is. i just watched it and it was fine. maybe a virus blocker or something? i wouldn’t give up on it…it is a good one. maybe try it again later.

ok, thanks I will.

Thanks Knitters!! Do you know how long I’ve waited to see someone doing loopy stitch, YEARS!!! I’ve just watched the link that Ingrid posted and it’s sooooo easy. I’m off to practice, to think you knitters were here all along and I didn’t know about ya. Thanks sooooo much, I’m sure to be back soon with more questions but for now this loopy stitch will keep me busy. Thanks Angels! :smiley: :heart: :smiley: I’m so happy!! :thumbsup:

I knew I’d have another question…What thickness of wool gives the best results for loopy stitch please. Thanks :smiley:

I only knew where to find links–I have no idea on the yarn question. :thinking:

would you believe this site has only been around for a year? wonderful isn’t it?! have fun!

Just need to know what type of yarn to buy,not sure what size. Help really appreciated. Thanks Lisa :smiley:

It so depends on what you want to make. Worsted weight is the standard, most common weight yarn. DK is about half as thick. Bulky and chunky are really thick.

do you have a pattern for the jacket you want to make? it might give you some idea of what you need.

i do think that worsted or DK would give a better look for a jacket. i think the heavier weight stuff would be better for a loopy bathmat or something like that.

GREAT!!! Off to the wool shop tomorrow to get something chunky, think it will look better for whatever I’m going to knit in loopy stitch. Hope my husband doesn’t mind a loopy stitch jumper for christmas…theres no stopping me now!! Thanks Lisa :smiley: :heart: :smiley: