Loopy stitch idea

Never done loopy/fur stitch before, but wondering if I could wrap the yarn round a cable needle or something similar instead of a thumb to make really small loops? I guess it would be an adjustable stitch anyway, but not sure if this has been tried and tested!

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I’ve never tried to make the loops smaller but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. Give it a try and see how it works out. I hope we get to see the result!


I’ll share, of course! I was hoping a patch of really small loops would somewhat mimic the marginal covert/scapular feathers on bird’s wings. Coupled with some other stitch patterns etc, they could make some really spectacular knitted wings, I’m hoping.


I tried a little sample today, using 1.5mm needles, 2 ply acrylic yarn and a slim cable needle to wrap the yarn round - I think it turned out pretty good. I purled the alternate rows, maybe it’d look a bit different with garter though. Didn’t seem much point doing loops both sides! Hopefully the detail shows up enough.

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That does look good. I’m not sure what you’re planning but I hope we get to see a photo!

Thank you! I wasn’t sure how it would look but I think it works for what I’m planning. If the whole thing works out, it’s going to be the upper section of a feathery bird wing, but I could do angel wings for dolls, too, with similar techniques :blush:


Loopy stitch is easy once you get the hang of it


That little jacket is darling! Did you use a pattern and can you tell us the name?

Nice! Do you do loopy stitch on both sides? The stitch guides I found didn’t specify, which I found annoying lol.


Yes I did use a pattern although the pattern is about 45 years old! Obviously won’t be in circulation now. Don’t know if I’m allowed to take pics of the pattern and post it to this forum?

You’re right that we can’t post large portions of patterns or whole patterns here due to designer copyright. It might be possible to find a link given the name of the pattern and designer or pattern book however. Ravelry is a fund of patterns old and new.

I’ll have a look on ravelry and let you know if I find it

Hello, I’ve had a look on ravelry and the pattern is not there, however I’ve looked on eBay and the pattern is available to buy. In eBay search type in ‘Patons 1455’ and it is there. Hope that helps.