Loopy scarf

Cast on 18 sts. pattern works in garter stitch. This part is fine. No problem. Next K3. Cast off 12 stitches fasten off. Slip off first 3 and last 3. Unravel first 3 and last 3 stiches along entire length. This should form loops. It sounds easy, but I am not getting the last part. Help?

Okay, on the last row, knit 3, then k2 more for the first BO stitch. BO 12, leaving 3 sts at the end. Fasten the last stitch of your BO like usual (pull the tail through or whatever. Then take the needle out and let the first 3 and last 3 sts drop, unravel all the way to the CO. This forms a loopy fringe.