Loopy Loop Garter Stitch

I need alittle guidance on the directions concerning the loopy loop.

k4 K1 Sl 1 ( wyib)
I am not understanding the wyib, isn’t my yarn already in the back. I knit one and slip one.

Second row K4 * SL 1 wyif
Am I alternating the yarn in front and back when I slip a stitch.

I don’t trust myself in the interpretation of stitches


Your right (wyib) does mean the yarn in back…and yeah 'cause when you knit one it will already be in the back, but sometimes it wants you to slip wyif (yarn in front) it’s just letting you know for sure which way to bring the yarn :thumbsup:

Right, for the 1st row, the yarn’s already in back, it stays there. For the 2nd row, move the yarn to the front to slip the stitch, then move it to the back to k4.