Loopy Lion

I am trying to knit the Loopy Lion pattern from Knit Picks by Browneyedbabs. I am having trouble with the leg.
After you do the straight part on the leg the pattern says to knit again in the round. Does that include the straight part or do you leave that part out?


It would probably mean to join all the sts that are on the needle to work in the round again.

Are you knitting the leg from the toe up? It’s described as using toe up sock techniques and if so, I’m wondering how much (or how many rows) of the beginning of the sock is knit straight?

I am knitting from the toe up it has about 15 rows, then it tells you to knit flat, from 12 stitches to 6, you knit 11 wrap and turn and purl10wrap and turn. You do that down to 6 and then back out to 12. Then the instructions say to begin working in the round and knit for 11 rows. I don’t know if you pick up and knit those flat stitches or leave them out on a holder. It doesn’t say. It also doesn’t say to pick up on the side like you do a regular heel. Row 38 says to change to bigger needles, Knit one row and put stitches on two holders. 12 stitches on each. If I pick up the heal it doesn’t say to decrease and I have too many unless I am wrapping wrong. When I wrapped it added a stitch.



Wrapping shouldn’t add a st. Take a look at the directions for Short Rows on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page under Advanced Techniques.
It sounds like the wraps & turns and short rows are making the heel. When you change to knit in the round, you do so on the sts that you have on the needle. You can check the finishing instructions and see if it tells you to seam the sts opposite the heel where you switch from flat to knitting in the round…