Loop Stitch keeps loosening

Hi,I’m knitting a cushion in super chunky yarn that is shape of a sheep and uses loop stitch to simulate a fleece.I’ve concentrated on getting the loops equal size(about 2cm long) but find that as I knit more rows some loops are loosening and shrinking in length and need pulled tight again.I am pulling the yarn as I knit the loop stitch to tighten up the stitch.I’d appreciate any tips on how to master this stitch.

Well, I haven’t done that stitch, but I suspect it has to do with how tightly you’re pulling the stitches. Hopefully someone else can help better.

Thanks Jan.
I thought I was giving the yarn a good tug to secure the loop of yarn in the stitch but maybe I need to pull re…ally hard :grinning:
Best regards

I’ve made a couple of these and used the loop stitch given in the directions without any problems. Is this the samr technique you’re using?

Yes,except mine is a single loop.
Really fun pattern,by the way,
I’m using a super chunky 80%acrylic 20%wool yarn which is quite loosely spun so I’m wondering is the slippery feel of the yarn making it move around within the stitch,if that makes sense?