Loop stitch in the round help

Hi, I have this really cute pattern of a sheep i want to knit and its body is all loop stitch, which i can do normally but not in the round. Do i do it normally then turn it inside out so the looping is on the outside??

[FONT=“Georgia”][B]I need to know if your using double pointed needles or one connected round needles? Loops have to be done where all the
threads are all on the wrong side of the project. I have not done sheep patterns. However I have done stars, flowers, and plants.
The method is a little different, between the double pointed needles and the round connected type. :hug: [/B][/FONT]

If you’re knitting just a tube, you should be able to just turn it inside out once you’re done.

Yes i am using double pointed needles but i think i will give the ‘turn it inside out method’ a try!