Loop stitch help!

[color=indigo][/color][size=6][/size] Hey all! I watched amy’s vid of the loop stitch and am wanting to try it. :heart: Have any of you done it? I would like to make a scarf of it and was wondering if I should give it a few rows of garter stitch on both ends? :?? what do ya think? :shrug: thanks a mill :muah:

I just used it at either end of a scarf for the fringe. What I did was pull the loops out around a small note pad so they were 6" long.

You could do a couple rows of garter stitch between each set of loops if you don’t want to use so much yarn doing it every row (that’d look the same on both sides) or every other row (that’d be loops on just one side).

Depending on how long you pull out your loops would determine how many rows of garter stitch.

Have fun with it!