Loop stich

I’m a semi-beginner and am trying to make the Colinette Daisy scarf using the loop stitch. Can anyone help me figure out how to make this stich?




Is this what you mean?

Loop St (Conti)

Loop St (English)

:doh: Didn’t even think to look here at home! I really should look at all the videos one of these days!

Off to the library w/ ya! :study: :lol:

Amy’s also got the loop st video here for conti knitter’s as well!!

Thank you all. The video on this site was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been looping all day!


OOH! Another Illinoisian!! I think we’re taking over!! MUAAHHAAAHAAAA!

I should try loop st again…one of the first projects I tried to knit (after SEVERAL garter scarves) was a loop st bathrug. I still have 2 huge cones of cotton in my stash because I just couldnt figure out how to get the needle back into the sts with my big fat thumb in the way!

I have started over on my scarf about 12 times so far! It just doesn’t look like the picture in the Colinette book!! But I’m an obsessive perfectionist!! I may just go back to good old garter stitch on this one :frowning:

Kelly, I actually live in Des Plaines.

Hi, Kathy!
I just came back from Des Plaines. Mosaic Yarns in Des Plaines is a great shop-----very tempting. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :cheering: :cheering:

Hi Mary,

Mosaic is about five minutes from me! I’ve taken a few classes and they’re great. I just took a scarf class with Marge and since I was a little confused on a few of the patterns she said to come in anytime and she’ll help me. I’ll probably be there tomorrow with my loop scarf!!

It was nice to hear from you.


KK - Where did you get your bathroom rug loop stitch pattern?

Yes Yes … do tell …